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scent & memories


therapeutical fragrance

You’ve probably experienced a moment when you came across a scent and were thinking: “Wait, this smells so familiar…” Scents have a very strong connection to our memories and emotions. They literally can throw us back in time and recall situations in our life.

This effect we use in our scent therapy to map your subconscious, bring back unrecognized issues of your personality and help you to set them free. Our scent therapy is a natural way of healing your mind, body and soul.

This is not just a perfume. During the scent therapy session you create your own perfume, as your mind gets occupied by focusing on the process itself your subconscious gets space to reveal itself. We use this moment together to talk about issues you’re going through so you can acknowledge the moments in your life which remained unrecognized. The perfume you create during this session reflects the moment of change and will encourage you on your next life journeys. And the ingredients you pick will tell us something about your personality.

Scent therapist: Bara

Price: €100 / Duration: 2h