Oro Limited Edition 50ml

Oro Limited Edition 50ml


Scented gold

We got hooked - as so many people before us - on the intoxicating scent of oud. So we started to play with it as we wanted to make a more gentle, light version.

So here’s Oro - which means literally gold in Spanish. It’s our personal take on oud sourced from Oman. Strangely enough Oro turned step by step into real gold. The color. The floral heart with notes of lotus, magnolia and orris. And the oud softened with sandal and vanillin. Pure gold on your skin.

Natural Oro Notes

  • gurjun wood from Indonesia - woody

  • oud from Oman - woody

  • sandalwood from India - woody

  • vanillin (naturally derived vanilla note) - gourmand

  • lotus from India - floral

  • magnolia from China - floral

  • orris from Morocco - floral

  • violet leaf from Egypt - green

  • rosewood from India - woody

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All materials are sourced from essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures, flowers, herbs and other botanical materials. We don’t use any preservatives, fragrance oils, artificial colors, SLS or parabens.