Natural Perfumery Workshop - 24 March

Natural Perfumery Workshop - 24 March


€150 fee: €50 booking deposit + €100 to be paid day of workshop

Time: 10 AM - 4.30 PM

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Natural Perfumery Workshop

Have you ever wanted to design you own natural fragrance? Join us for this wonderful natural perfume making workshop where you get to design your signature scent.

On this workshop you work with natural ingredients to craft your own bespoke perfume without any synthetics involved.

What to expect

This workshop follows a smooth structure in a relaxed environment with one goal – to lead you to craft a fragrance that is truly unique to you.

You will create and perfect your own fragrance with expert guidance from our perfumer.

We will explore, in detail, a selection of 42 natural perfumery ingredients and you will be free to browse over 150 naturals from our lab to achieve your perfect blend.

Along the way, you’ll find your ‘nose’.

What will you learn?

A strong understanding of fragrance composition.

The basics of natural perfume making techniques and formulation.

What you like and you dislike in aromas.

An enriched descriptive vocabulary for your sense of smell.

Knowledge to analyse and describe a selection of 42 individual perfumery raw materials spanning a full range of olfactory territories.

What you get

A scent profile that accurately represents you.

100% natural perfume.

Your own signature scent with in a personalized 50ml bottle.

Your unique fragrance formula.

Who can attend

Anyone interested in the wonderful world of scent.