Jass Limited Edition 50ml

Jass Limited Edition 50ml


That Jasmine Blue Note feeling

When you visit our lab the chance that you will hear some Blue Note is quite big. It’s always been a great source of inspiration. The freedom. The unexpected. The vibe. And that’s something we like to get somehow in our perfumes. And yes, we admit, we were also in the middle of the jasmine season.

So Jass has a big jasmine sambac heart, only it’s less sweet-animalistic but more green, with notes of tomato leaf absolute and green tea. The white cognac and cedar-lemon hinoki notes are spinning around the jasmine with so much pleasure - just like you would listen to Kind of Blue from Miles Davis On repeat. And that’s what Jass is all about.

Natural Jass Notes

  • ambroxan (naturally derived ambergris note) - amber

  • cognac from France - gourmand

  • green tea from China - gourmand

  • jasmine sambac from India - floral

  • tomato leaf absolute from France - floral

  • sweet gale from Scotland - herbal

  • hinoki from Japan - woody

  • palmarosa from Indonesia - green

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All materials are sourced from essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures, flowers, herbs and other botanical materials. We don’t use any preservatives, fragrance oils, artificial colors, SLS or parabens.