SAMPLES - Natural perfumes SS19


Create your own natural perfume online

We’re lucky to welcome students from all over the world in our lab. And yes, some of them desire a long distance relationship with us. So here we go! From now on you can create your own spring & summer 19 natural perfume, sourced from the best seasonal ingredients of our collection.

This is how it works:

  • Choose your favourite SS19 ingredients

  • We create 3 samples of 2,5ml and send them to you for €18 + €7 shipping

  • If you fall in love with one sample, you can order a 50ml bottle for €85 + €7 shipping


Ready? LET’s cherry-pick

Pick min 6/max 12 of our spring & summer natural ingredients sourced from all over the globe. In our lab we will blend 3 samples with the same ingredients but with different ratios. And then it’s up to you and your nose to decide what’s the best version.

Base notes
Pick min 2/max 4. These long-lasting notes you will remember the most. They help creating a memory in your mind.
Heart notes
Pick min 2/max 4. They are the soul of your fragrance. These usually floral, full-bodied notes are the most dominant.
Top notes
Pick min 2/max 4. The first notes you smell. These often fresh, fruity scents are usually light and burst on your skin.

Delivery & PAYment

Once we receive your order we will send a purchase link to your email address accompanied with a form to fill in your address. We ship worldwide with the same rate for everyone. If you have any questions, please ask here.

Natural notes

All materials are sourced from essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures, flowers, herbs and other botanical materials. We don’t use preservatives, fragrance oils, artificial colors, SLS or parabens.