perfume workshop


Let’s be honest, this one is fuN               

You will meet new people, learn about the basics of perfumery and create your own bespoke perfume. Get ready to discover your scent profile, to smell some odd odours and to experience fascinating ingredients which are normally behind closed doors. 

Price: €65 / Duration: 1h30


All our workshops follow a smooth structure in a relaxed environment with one goal: to lead you to craft a fragrance that is truly unique to you. Sweet refreshments are served during the sessions. And coffee beans to keep your nose fit.   

Our Perfume Workshop is limited to 6 participants to keep the experience as personal as possible

  • Pure beginner level: so everyone can attend

  • Learn, analyse and describe a selection of 42 individual perfumery raw materials spanning a full range of olfactory territories

  • Learn the basic of perfume making techniques and formulation

  • Design your very own fragrance with step by step guidance from our perfumer


  • Your own signature scent in a personalised 15ml bottle

  • A scent book with info learnt during the session

  • Your fragrance formula so you can re-work it or re-order it in a personalised 50ml bottle


  • You don't need to bring anything, just your good mood

  • Please don't spray any perfume before the workshop, it might disrupt your sense of smell

  • Are you pregnant or do you have an allergy, please read our Health & Safety points

  • All perfumes crafted during the workshop are for personal use only and not for commercial purposes