Botanical body oil WORKSHOP    


Create your own nourishing oil to pamper your body, soothE your mind and uplift your senses

We selected 21 natural essences of the best quality which provide - besides a beautiful scent - a wide range of positive effects on your body and mind from nurturing to sensual, from mood lifting to totally zen. The choice of the essences for your body oil is purely based on your intuition, and with every single touch while blending, you will experience a feeling of healing on a subconscious level. Toning geranium, relaxing lavender, seductive sandalwood… just follow your intuition and you will create exactly what your body is longing for.

Price: €50 / Duration: 45 min


All our workshops follow a smooth structure in a relaxed environment with one goal: to lead you to craft a body oil that is truly unique to you. We’ll explore in detail a selection of 21 essential oils to achieve your perfect blend. Sweet refreshments are served during the sessions.  

Our Botanical Body Oil Workshop is limited to 6 participants to keep the experience bespoke

  • Pure beginner level: so everyone can attend

  • Learn, analyse and describe a selection of 21 essential oils spanning a full range of olfactory territories

  • Learn the basic of body oil making techniques and formulation

  • Design your very own body oil with step by step guidance


  • Your own body oil in a personalised 100ml bottle


  • You don't need to bring anything, just your good mood

  • Please don't spray any perfume before the workshop, it might disrupt your sense of smell

  • Are you pregnant or do you have an allergy, please read our Health & Safety points

  • All body oils crafted during the workshop are for personal use only and not for commercial purposes