Making perfume? Oh my, where to start


Besides having endless fun and spending more time in nature, one of our main goals was to make the art of perfumery accessible to curious and creative people with a soul for scent.

We studied like monks, we learned the trial-and-error way and we got lost in endless hours of research. And yes, now we’re happy to share with you what we discovered (and liked). To give you inspiration, to get you and your nose going and to save you some bad ass time. Here you go, we hope it make scents for you. Enjoy!

Happy reading stuff


Naturals & molecules

  • Aqua Oleum

    A small supplier of I wanna-smell-more-state-of-the-art naturals.

  • Eden Botanicals

    Wonderful natural ingredients with lots of info.

  • Hermitage Oils

    A beautiful collection of naturals and isolates with a little bit more in-depth explanation. And oh yeah, they also have an interesting sample section where you can order from.

  • Pell Wall

    A cool supplier of aroma molecules (which is a better name for synthetics).

  • De Hekserij

    Very good EU supplier of the main molecules.

Perfume bottles & lab stuff


    One of the only companies having great design-like perfume bottles which can be ordered in tiny amounts. Yes! (Especially when you can’t order 10.000 bottles at once).

  • LAB Comercial

    All kind of geeky lab stuff like Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, scales, distillers, lab bottles and other weird stuff - ok, we admit it, we would order it all.

Cool & nerdy sources

  • basenotes

    We’re digging especially the forum part where you can search for formulas, ingredients and before you realize it… half of your day is gone.

  • Fragrantica

    Very handy when you want to know which notes (ingredients) are used - or abused - in a perfume. Or you can just learn about the perfume categories and their ingredients.

  • The Good Scents Company

    Check their ‘search’ function. Simply a-ma-zing, compiling all kinds of tech ingredient info. Our favorite part? The ‘Organoleptic Properties’!

  • FragranceView

    There are heaps of fume videos, mainly bling-bling perfume reviews. But we mainly like Peter’s approach from FragranceView, and especially his ‘How to vids’ where he’s explaining the art of perfumery in a very honest and down-to-earth way.

  • Dilution

    A very handy app when you’re not a skilled mathematician and you need to dilute something to a certain % that was already diluted into another % and so on. You get the point.

  • Perfumist

    Another app, a bit Fragrantica style but now in your pocket, so you can find out fast which perfume ingredients you just sniffed.

Do you have some practical or magical tips for our list, just give us a shout.

Peter Vijgen