barcelona perfume academy


When your students ask you for a more and deeper understanding of the world of natural perfumery, what do you do?

Exactly, open the Barcelona Perfume Academy, a full 3 day natural perfumery course, held two times a year. Our Academy is a hands-on skills course, one where you will make 6 perfumes out of 200 raw ingredients, one where you will go on a smell walk and one where you will have lots of fun while learning the real deal. And yes, still you will have time enough for some nice stroll through Barcelona.

2019 academy

  • Dates: 14-16 June / 11-13 October

  • Seats: 8 people maximum as we want to keep the experience as personal as possible

  • Prize: 480 euro (100 deposit for booking) per person, all materials, 6 perfumes and 3 lunches included



Day 1 CAtegories, techniques and Naturals

Morning session 10-13

  • Get to know each other by your Proustian Madeleine story

  • Discover the perfume categories by Blind Smelling Test

  • Make your first perfume based on the perfume pyramid

Lunch in El Born

Afternoon session 15-18

  • The naturals by seeing, feeling and smelling them

  • Enfleurage and other techniques of naturals

  • Make a 100% natural perfume



Morning session 10-13

  • Go on a smell walk in El Born with a visit to the Santa Caterina Market

  • Make a gourmand based perfume based on your smell walk experience

Lunch in Eixample

Afternoon session 15-18

  • The synthetics - as it’s good to see the bigger picture - by smelling them and comparing them with the naturals

  • Animalistic and fixative notes

  • Make a perfume based on a Chypre, Fougère or amber accord


Day 3 CHALLENGE, Practical stuff AND YOUR masterpiece

Morning session 10-13

  • Become a part of the Floral, Woody or Oriental team

  • Create a team perfume

  • Figure out what’s in the bottles of the other teams

Lunch in Barceloneta

Afternoon session 15-18

  • Good to know stuff (where to order what, literature,…) followed by a Q&A

  • Come up with a concept for your perfume

  • Create your bespoke perfume and present your masterpiece

Do you have ANY questionS regarding the Academy? JUST let us know, we’re always happy to HELP YOU OUT.